Letters to Father Christmas

The Toy Factory post office opens in late October. Father Christmas and his trusty team of Elves will be on holidays until after the summer, when we will return to begin getting our toy factory ready to make lots of toys.

Thank you to everyone who wrote to me this year, there seem to be more and more children who write letters.


A letter from Father Christmas makes a great surprise.

There really is no substitute for a child of any age receiving a Letter From Father Christmas.
You can choose your delivery option either email, web page or postal delivery option.

If you would like the postman to deliver you a written reply, don't forget to check your address is correct !

Parents..... We know that you may have questions about your children using a website which requires them to give personal details. Don't worry we're parents too and totally understand. Click here to read answers to common questions from parents just like you.


Write a letter

Write a letter to father Christmas and receive a free reply. The post office at the toy factory opens around the end of October each year.
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Delivery Options

Delivery Options

When the site is open we offer three different ways to receive your letter, by post, by email or as a web page.
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Parents FAQs

We have tried very hard to ensure that we retain the magic of Christmas for your child. Therefore please review our FAQs page for more information.
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Delivery Options

Write a letter

Write a letter to Father Christmas and receive a free reply. The post office at the toy factory opens around the end of October each year.
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Questions from Parents are usually along the same lines....

  • This can't really be free - how much is it really, and what do I get for my money?
  • Is it going to be worth it?
  • What details do I have to provide and what happens to my personal information?
  • Are you just trying to create an email address list that will be used to SPAM me all year. - No thank you!


We were the same, read on and be reassured.

You've probably 'googled' something like 'Letters to Father Christmas', 'Free Santa Letter' or 'Letter from Father Christmas' and been a bit disappointed... and that is part of the problem.

By now you'll probably have seen quite a few websites that offer letters from Santa but don't seem to offer the quality you were looking for... like... the websites that insist on a really early December deadline for the letter or you'll not even get a reply.

Is this helping you to delight your child with a little Christmas magic? Like you we don't agree!

We've all seen the website that get you to do all the work... to choose the paragraphs of the letter and basically write the letter yourself - which you then get charged for. Worse still it is always on one or two designs and mass produced... in a huge print run, which is why they insist on the deadlines....

This is not the way we work, not now and not ever. Large mass produced print runs? No thank you!



Your childs Christmas Dreams are important.

With a little help from us here at Letters To Father Christmas, we're going to help keep the Christmas dream alive in your child for as long as they choose to believe.

We all know that children grow up so fast, it only seems like yesterday our kids were in year 2 and now they're at the top end of senior school. From the moment they step out with that wobble and fall approach to walking, they seem to race to do all the things that older children around them can do. As a parent you wouldn't want to halt their development at all, but we're sure you wouldn't want them to give up on the magic of Christmas too quickly. The excitement of the night before Christmas. On Christmas morning, the excitment that Santa has been... the excited faces as they tear off the paper...

No parent would want to spoil this for their child... sharing in these experiences can create so many special memories and smiles.
Did we mention that we don't just send out 'mass printed' replies, each postal reply is hand crafted?


Let us share with you what we realised....

  • The childs view of the letter is really what counts here... if it made in small text with little appeal to the child what's the point? Our letters are created using a font style and size that a year 2 child can easily read, whilst not forgetting older children may read it to.
  • Some sites offer vouchers to obtain a modest discount on a bulk print job, but we'd rather you saved your cash and simply used our free reply service.
  • Christmas is expensive enough, with out wasting your money on a mass produced product with little thought about your child.
  • A video presentation is good, but a hand crafted paper based letter makes a great keep sake. (most Mums have a 'box of keeps' for each child. We know - we've got one for each of our kids!)
  • There are many sites that produce a half-hearted product and just want your cash. - No thank you!

These things took a while for us to discover. As my wife and I are web designers, we decided to ask Santa if we could help him out with a new reply service. The big problem for every parent (or grand-parent / auntie / uncle) is that once the letter arrives and it's opened by the child - it is too late to get a better one, leaving you thinking 'why bother'?

Don't worry - we've a plan to help you out.



Here's our plan.

We think this is a good idea, but don't take just 'our word' for it !
Our product was tried and tested by us first (believe me we're very fussy parents) and by the thousands of people who used our services in previous years...

1. Check out these real replies from last year, sent to us by the parent or by the child AFTER the child received the letter from Santa. (for identity protection purposes - we changed all the names)
Hey! Very many thanks for your letters, and for such a speedy reply :-)).
The boys are going to be delighted when they get up and see these...
Thanks very much -wishing you and your team a wonderful Christmas!
Best wishes Hannah

PS We don't have a chimney here, so we will leave the sliding door open instead :-))

Thank you Father Christmas for replying it was good and i will see you on Christmas eve if i'm awake!!

Santa , i read the letter you send me , and i am happy to get Santa's letter , hope you enjoy Christmas , Santa.
love from Diane XXXX


2.We won't spam you, or sell your details or allow other companies to contact you.
  no spam ever

We know that you trust us with your email address, to enable us to send you your letter (or communicate with you about your Letter from Santa). We will never send you unsolicited emails.
This is not and will never be an email address list building exercise, there would be no point, as we loose everyone's trust really quickly. Bottom line is we hate SPAM and we are sure you would too.


3. We deliberately offer the widest choice of delivery options - email, web (displayed on screen) or postal reply. It's your choice !

We're very happy to offer you a free email letter.
This will be just as good as some of the 'pay for services' available online, but it's free.

(Please note a web letter is displayed on screen and can't be saved like an email can.)
Did I remember to explain that we don't just organise bulk print jobs to produce our 'paid for letters', they're all hand crafted ?

We really don't mind if you opt for the free service (email or web page) but we are sure that a personalised hand crafted POSTAL letter from Santa will add that extra special smile!
Last year we helped spread Christmas Magic to so many children including our own.

Click here to WRITE your Letter to Father Christmas ( or Santa ) NOW, Father Christmas will be waiting - see you there !