Contact Father Christmas

Please find Father Christmas contact details below. The email address is to be used for any problems you have with your letter not arriving or for any other issues with this site.

Address :

South Post Office
Imperial Toy Factory
Polar Way
North Pole
FC1 Dee4

Email :

Posting written Letters to us

Father Christmas has invested lots of time with his Elves in building Letters To Father Christmas, to make it quick and easy for all of you to write to him and recieve a reply of your choice.

If you wish to send him a postal letter,please email him first (to arrange the reply method), otherwise you will never be sent a reply, which would make him sad and mean that you were unable to enjoy his personal reply to your great letter.

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It's Easy....

It couldn't be easier to
Write your Letter, tell me what you would like and how you'd like your reply, it's "really Simples !"


Other information

We always abide by website regulations and online standards but also wanted to try and maintain the image of Father Christmas for your child. You can contact us by post at this address :

Letters To Father Christmas
c/o Webs For Everyone
97 Grenville Road
HP21 8ET
United Kingdom.
We did not want to make it too obvious for any child to see our correct postal address, which may cause questions about where we live and why we do not live at the north pole !




Letters to Father Christmas provides letters from Father Christmas, (or Santa), send your letter here and receive a personal reply.